In our opinion, being in a fabric store is a spiritual experience. You run your hand over every roll of fabric, feel the texture and softness, assess the quality and drape, imagine colour combinations and mix and match prints. Your creativity knows no bounds.

Here at Fabric Drop it is our mission to revolutionize your online fabric shopping experience. To make it as 'bricks and mortar' real as we possibly can.  


Hi there!

My name is Lucy and I launched Fabric Drop with my sister Claire in 2017; when the level of good quality fabrics available to our sewing community started to decline. Since then Claire has pursued other creative projects, but I have stayed strong in my desire to help the home sewist feel fearless in each project they make.

2017-10-22 14.34.40.jpg

Iā€™m a mum of two, a cat lover and a deep feeler. When I am not working I enjoy eating good quality food, listening to John Mayer on repeat and following my creative pursuits.

I really hope you enjoy browsing our store and feel inspired to start your next project.

Much love,

Lucy xox

Giving Back

Giving back to those in need is something that I actively seek. And, after the Christchurch attacks in 2019 I was called to action my desire to give. These days I can proudly inform you that Fabric Drop donates a portion of all its profits to the Asylum Seekers Support Trust of New Zealand. This trust aims to help create a New Zealand where Asylum Seekers and Convention Refugees are welcomed, supported and thriving.