So Sew Easy - Ultimate Sports Bra Pattern #1 - JAN '19

Well, Hello Zumba Fitness 2019! My name is Lucy and I’m not sure if we have met?!

I’m full of enthusiasm and a lot of hope that we are going to have a wonderful and everlasting relationship, but at this very moment as the gym administrator walks me towards the classroom doors I feel like she is secretly worried for me.

Of course I’m trying to read her mind and calculate my H2O levels as she compliments my eyebrows…But, silly me - I really shouldn’t of focused on that… Instead, what I should of thought about was what I was wearing!

The door is opened and I’m late and very under dressed!!!

Skipping …

Suck it up Lucy and visualize next Tuesdays #memade ootd ;]

Skipping again to …

My Sports Bra Pattern search

Must haves;

  • Good coverage

  • Good support

  • Add an element of colour / layering to the overall Activewear outfit

NOTES: I spent a good 2 hours scrolling through the various Sports Bra Pattern options trying to find what I was looking for and the FREE Ultimate Sports Bra by So Sew Easy - (linked below) ticked all the boxes. I particularly liked the fact that a lot of our Premium Sports Sublimation fabric could be highlighted with the wider pattern frame and that it didn’t require a lot of fiddly sewing ;)

Until next time Lovely



So Sew Easy - The Ultimate Sports Bra Pattern Link:

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